The Mindful Entrepreneur: How to rapidly grow your business while staying sane, focused and fulfilled

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Struggling with cash-flow? Slow growth?
Slim profits? No time? Stress?
Lack of fulfilment?

Chronicling the true story of one entrepreneur’s journey, The Mindful Entrepreneur provides a raw, brutally honest account of how to transform the frustrations, pain and struggles faced by countless business owners into stability, growth, freedom and meaning.

Fusing proven, cutting-edge business strategy with powerful mindfulness practices, you’ll learn an immediately practical, holistic approach to achieving business success and personal fulfilment.

If your business is not giving you the wealth, freedom and fulfilment that you desire, if you feel like a slave to your business rather than master of it, The Mindful Entrepreneur is for you.

In the Book, You Will...

Learn how to generate rapid, profitable growth to fund your desired lifestyle.

Discover how to make your business run without you, so you have the freedom to choose how to spend your time.

Acquire the capacity to stay sane, focused & fulfilled despite the challenges that life throws at you.

Gain access a range of FREE tools, templates and resources designed to help you apply the strategies contained in the book to your business and your life.

About the Author's

Headshot of Joel Gerschman

Joel Gerschman

Joel is a leading coach, author and educator in the field of business growth, management and leadership.

Drawing on more than 15 years of battle-tested experience running multiple fast-growing technology start-ups and learning under some of the world’s leading business gurus, including Michael Gerber, author of The E-myth Revisited, Joel has helped thousands of business leaders to achieve more stability, more financial freedom and more time… for life.

Joel also brings a unique perspective to managing the people-side of business growth. With his background as a commercial Lawyer and years of experience as Mediator and university lecturer in negotiation, conflict resolution and influential communication, Joel is an expert in the psychology of influencing human behaviour.

Joel is the founder and CEO of a leading business coaching company called The Change Coach (, as well as a co-creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur’s Growth System - a proven, step-by-step system to grow your revenue, your free time & your sense of fulfilment (

Joel lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and four children.

Headshot of Howard Finger

Howard Finger

Howard is a serial entrepreneur, and a builder and leader of online collaborative communities. Howard has nurtured start-ups from ideas to hyper-growth and market dominance, and he has transitioned established analogue businesses into online marketplaces, culminating in IPO’s valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Howard is CEO and founder of VinciWorks, the leading provider of GRC training, software and services to the world’s largest law firms and other top professional firms. VinciWorks’ driving purpose is to create a safer, fairer and more honest world (

Previously, Howard was a partner at a leading Hong Kong law firm, and Senior VP at Global Sources, the NASDAQ listed facilitator of global merchandise trade.

Howard lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and two daughters. He holds a black belt in karate and is a published author. As co-creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur’s Growth System, Howard strives to live his purpose every day: to create the greatest sustainable value - no excuses!

Headshot of Aryeh Goldman

Aryeh Goldman

Rabbi Aryeh Goldman has dedicated his life to helping his students and clients actualise their potential. As an ordained Rabbi, qualified teacher and counsellor for over 20 years, Aryeh blends the ancient wisdom of his heritage with the most cutting-edge and effective mindfulness techniques to provide a truly holistic approach to personal fulfilment and well-being.

Aryeh writes a regular blog on mindful, intentional and meaningful living through a Jewish lens ( and is a co-creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur’s Growth System (

He lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and 6 children.

What People Are Saying

Raphael Brown,Lawyer

"Joel is everything I could have wanted in a business coach. He cares, listens, inspires and has amazing insight into how to conceptualise and implement a business idea. Before I started working with Joel, I knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be but I didn’t know where to go. He helped me to gather my ideas and transform them into a powerful & practical business concept that I am putting into practice. I am now really excited about where I’m headed!”

Eugene Koller, Personal Finance Coach

"Working with Joel has given me a clearly defined blueprint covering all aspects of my business that are critical for success. Sessions were logical, insightful and filled with valuable tips & suggestions. And most importantly I now have the confidence to implement and deliver my ideas in the real world. Joel's knowledge and expertise has proved to be worth every cent.”

the mindful entrepreneur book cover
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