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  • A comprehensive summary of each key topic in the book, with details that build on the chapter summaries;
  • User-friendly diagrams and step-by-step tools for implementing the strategies in each topic
  • Practical, fill-in-the-blank templates to help you apply each strategy immediately.

If you want the resources to help you apply the same proven, step-by-step system that Howard used to spark rapid growth, free up his time and enhance his sense of fulfillment, access your resources now.

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These resources will help you to...

Generate rapid, profitable growth to fund your desired lifestyle.

Make your business run without you, so you have the freedom to choose how to spend your time.

Build the capacity to stay sane, focused & fulfilled despite the challenges that life throws at you.

What People Are Saying

Raphael Brown,Lawyer

"Joel is everything I could have wanted in a business coach. He cares, listens, inspires and has amazing insight into how to conceptualise and implement a business idea. Before I started working with Joel, I knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be but I didn’t know where to go. He helped me to gather my ideas and transform them into a powerful & practical business concept that I am putting into practice. I am now really excited about where I’m headed!” *

Sai Dale, Select Essential

"I am very pleased to have worked with Joel through his program. With a typical tradesman background, I now feel so much more empowered to take huge steps in the growth of our business…" *

* Results may vary from business to business.

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