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Want more focus, motivation & fulfilment?
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Would you like to live with:

  • More focus - so you know what's important to you in life and can focus your energy where it counts?
  • More motivation - so you're feeling inspired and passionate about what you're doing each day?
  • More fulfilment - so you're working & living with a deeper sense of meaning & personal wellbeing?

    Start your journey with a free mindfulness session
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    Start your journey right now – at no cost. Book a free 20 minute mindfulness session with one of our expert mentors to gain tailored & immediately practical advice – with no obligation to continue.

    In your strategy session, you will:

    • Discuss your challenges and goals, and isolate key areas for growth & improvement
    • Identify a range of practical strategies - so you receive immediate value on-the-spot
    • Customise a development plan for achieving your longer term goals

    Mark Wolfe,Engineering Manager

    "Aryeh, I would like to express gratitude for your combined effort in the creation of The Mindful Entrepreneur. The support that flows from the book and from your helpful guidance is incredible. Working through it each spare minute I get and finding it a game changer. Thanks again." *

    Jesse Tevelow,Best Selling author of The Connection Algorithm

    “The Mindful Entrepreneur approach will force you to revisit your "Why." Why do you run a business? And how does that fit into your life? Managing a company without a clear measure of purpose and balance is suicide. This approach not only teaches us how to survive, but how to access our full potential through a mindful approach. Every business owner should apply it.” *

    * Results may vary from business to business.