The Polar Bear Method: Unlock hidden revenue from your hibernating patients

What do patients & polar bears have in common?

Answer: They're both hibernating.

You see, the easiest way to grow your practice is to get current patients to spend more, while the most expensive way is to seek NEW patients. Which is why tapping into your hibernating patients can increase profits overnight and add 6 figures to your business without spending a single dollar. In fact, 'The Polar Bear Method' has helped many of my healthcare clients to literally TRIPLE the value of their patients.  

It frustrates me that others aren't doing this! So I've taken the exact email template my clients use & I'm sharing it with you. Just copy and send it to your hibernating clients & watch your revenue grow.

Revealed: The #1 reason most healthcare clinics miss out on easy-to-secure revenue

Copy the exact email that can triple your revenue while improving patient outcomes

Learn how to automate the email process so it happens without you needing to lift a finger




Joel Gerschman Founder, The Mindful Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Joel. I'm a leading coach, bestselling author and educator in the field of business growth, management and leadership. I'm a creator of one of Australia's leading business coaching programs, The Growth System, and I co-authored the #1 Amazon international bestseller, The Mindful Entrepreneur.

Drawing on more than 17 years of battle-tested experience running multiple fast-growing start-ups and learning under some of the world’s leading business gurus, including Michael Gerber, author of The E-myth Revisited, I've helped thousands of business owners to achieve more stability, more financial freedom and more time… for life.

We've worked with many different businesses, but our passion and specialised expertise lies with healthcare practices. And together with our team of expert business coaches, we'd love to help your practice to grow and thrive.

What others are saying...

My revenue grew by 33% in under a year

"Joel helped me transform my frustrations and struggles into stability, growth, freedom and meaning. My revenue grew by 33% in under a year and I started enjoying life again. What more can you ask for?" *

Howard Finger   //   CEO of VinciWorks

Yossi Klein

Joel helped me literally double my client base in under 6 months

“Joel helped me literally double my client base in under 6 months. He has empowered me to take my business to the next level and I would recommend him to anyone looking to rapidly grow and improve their business.” *

Yossi Klein    //    Healthy Men Fitness Training

* Please note that results may vary from business to business.

Use the Polar Bear Method to Triple The Value Of Each Patient