Mindfulness mentoring to help you stay sane, focussed & fulfilled

Want more focus, motivation & fulfilment?

Would you like to:

  • More focus - so you know what's important to you in life and can focus your energy where it counts?
  • More motivation - so you're feeling inspired and passionate about what you're doing each day?
  • More fulfilment - so you're working & living with a deeper sense of meaning & personal wellbeing?

If so, you'll need to develop the skills to work and live more mindfully.

R. Aryeh GoldmanCo-Founder

Hi, I'm Aryeh. I'm a leading counsellor, bestselling author and mindfulness expert, with a passion for helping people to actualise their potential. As a qualified teacher and counsellor for over 20 years, I apply the most cutting-edge and effective mindfulness techniques to provide a truly holistic approach to personal fulfilment and well-being. 

I also write a regular blog on mindful, intentional and meaningful living, I'm a co-creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur's Growth System, as well as co-author of the #1 international Amazon bestseller, The Mindful Entrepreneur.

And together with our team of expert mindfulness mentors, we'd love to help you too.


Our 1:1 mindfulness program guides you through a customised, proven process, with an expert mentor to support you & keep you accountable for achieving your goals. The program includes:

  • 1:1 mindfulness mentoring sessions: You'll set up an agreed schedule of personal 1:1 sessions with one of our expert mentors to give you laser-focussed guidance & hard-hitting accountability.
  • Unlimited email mentoring: You'll have unlimited access to your mentor via email between sessions.
  • FREE access to the Growth System online program for the duration of your coaching engagement, including all of our battle-tested videos, practical resources and our private Facebook group.


Mindfulness Mentoring Program Overview

(6 sessions)

Mindfulness strategies to help you stay sane, focussed & fulfilled while building your business

    • Get Inspired: Identify what's really important to you in life - your core purpose -so you have a clear sense of what drives, motivates and inspires you.
    • Apply your purpose: Learn how to apply your purpose in every sphere of your life to create a real sense of personal fulfillment.
    • Interpret for resilience: Learn the skill of reframing to build the resilience to overcome the everyday challenges you face as a business owner.
    • Reflect to learn: Develop powerful reflection strategies that will enable you to consistently bounce back from challenges and refocus on growing your business.
    • Integrate for results: Learn how to integrate the four key practices into your daily routine, so it has a lasting effect on your business and your life.


Step 1: Free mentoring session

Access a free 20 min (no-obligation) mindfulness mentoring session to assess your situation, provide practical advice and determine a plan for how best to achieve your goals. If you haven't done this yet, access it here now.

Step 2: Choose your mentoring schedule

Depending on how fast you want to go, you can choose our fast-track program (6 x 45min weekly sessions over 6 weeks) or our standard program (6 x 45min fortnightly sessions over 12 weeks).

Step 3: Commence your mentoring

We'll commence our sessions via online meeting technology, so you can participate from wherever you are. All you'll need is a computer with a camera, a mic and a decent internet connection. In each meeting, we'll introduce a new element of the program and begin its application. Between meetings, you’ll complete a 1-2 hour task to apply it to your life - and you'll have unlimited access to your mentor via email for any questions.

Howard Finger,CEO of VinciWorks

"Joel and Aryeh helped me transform my frustrations and struggles into stability, growth, freedom and meaning. My revenue grew by 33% in under a year and I started enjoying life again. What more can you ask for?" *

* Results may vary from business to business.



$99 USD per session (incl. GST)

($594 for all 6 sessions)

  • 6 x 45min weekly mentoring sessions over 6 weeks
  • Access to our members only Growth System online program
  • Private Facebook group
  • Unlimited email mentoring
  • Proven step-by-step mindful living system, guided by you expert mentor

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Cancel any time.


$99 USD per session (incl. GST)

($594 for all 6 sessions)

  • 6 x 45min fortnightly mentoring sessions over 12 weeks
  • Access to members only Growth System online program
  • Private Facebook group
  • Unlimited email mentoring
  • Proven step-by-step mindful living system, guided by your expert mentor

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Cancel any time.

Mark Wolfe, Engineering Manager

"Aryeh, I would like to express gratitude for your combined effort in the creation of The Mindful Entrepreneur. The support that flows from the book and from your helpful guidance is incredible. Working through it each spare minute I get and finding it a game changer. Thanks again." *

Jesse Tevelow,
Bestselling author of The Connection Algorithm

“The Mindful Entrepreneur approach will force you to revisit your "Why." Why do you run a business? And how does that fit into your life? Managing a company without a clear measure of purpose and balance is suicide. This approach not only teaches us how to survive, but how to access our full potential through a mindful approach. Every business owner should apply it.” *

* Results may vary from business to business.

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